K R O N O L O G I C     1 0 1


–  4 Things to Know  –




1. Accepted Meetings will just show up on your calendar. (It's pretty cool)






2. Some will negotiate for a time.

If they do the message will be at the top of your inbox like any other email. 

Kronologic waits 60 seconds to give you a chance to open it, it's always best to use your human charm when you can. If you are unavailable, and Kronologic's A.I. is confident that it can answer it will negotiate an available time on your behalf. Pro-Tip: Don't stare at a new email wondering if an A.I. will handle it, if you have time to do that you have time to respond yourself! 

If Kronologic isn't confident it will flag the invite as "Requires User Intervention" and get out of the way so you can use your big human brain.  

Requires User Intervention






3. You Manage Kronologic from your inbox

Pro Tip: Act Normal, when in doubt, just do what you would normally do. 


Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 3.00.41 PM-1





4. Practice Calendar Hygiene! 

a. Keep your calendar up to date because Kronologic checks your calendar before setting up a meeting best practice is to keep your calendar up to date to avoid a double book. 

b. The Minimum Scheduling Notice - Kronologic will not schedule meetings within this window, giving users schedule stability within this period. Default is 3 hours.


Pro-Tip - When you're going to be out of office for entire days, create an all day event & be sure to set it to "Busy"!