What is a Kronologic "Advocate"?

Those who receive an 80% or greater on the Executive Essentials exam are considered Kronologic certified "Advocates". Advocates are empowered to build the business case and defend ROI of Kronologic projects and work streams. Advocates gain an entry level understanding of meeting math and an entry-level architectural understanding of Kronologic systems. Advocates will receive a certificate with a unique ID after successful competition of the exam.



Executive Essentials Curriculum




Take the Executive Essentials Exam

80% to Pass     |   Approx. 30 min.    |   Unlimited Attempts













About the Executive Path

Executives are business thinkers focused on growing their careers though by delivering value with Kronologic technology.  Executives are not those who configure or manage Kronologic technology, they are those who advocate, scope, manage, report, expand, and  envision ongoing or future Kronologic projects that genuinely impact business outcomes like revenue growth &  cost reduction.


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