Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions that aren't listed here, feel free to reach out to us

When does Kronologic place calendar holds on my actual calendar.

  • Accepted: Prospect has hit “Yes” and agreed to the meeting.
  • User Intervened: Kronologic received a message from your prospect but you opened the email within 60-120 seconds of receiving it.
  • Requires Your Input: Kronologic needs your help responding to the message.

What do I do with an “Accepted” hold on my calendar?

Research the contact and prepare for the meeting. Consider sending out a reminder the morning of the meeting - look forward to speaking with you today.

What do I do with a “User Intervened” hold on my calendar?

User Intervened means that your customer responded and the AI never got the chance to read the message. Respond as you would in your inbox, from there manually send out an invite if needed. Feel free to delete the “User Intervened” hold to free up calendar space.

What do I do with a “Requires Your Input” hold on my calendar?

Requires Your Input means that your customer responded and the AI needs your help. Respond as you would in your inbox, from there manually send out an invite if needed. Feel free to delete the “Requires Your Input” hold to free up calendar space.

I received a “Decline” notification, will Kronologic follow up?

This is a setting that’s available, talk to your Kronologic admin to implement it. If the setting is turned off, feel free to follow up as you normally would.

I received a response from my customer, why did Kronologic send another email?

This is likely due to email forwarding from a different email address. Kronologic does not have a way to track the thread so it will proceed as normal


  • responds with an email that is
  • Because of the difference in email address, Kronologic has no way of tracking the conversation.

I’m not seeing “Accepted” Meetings show up on the actual calendar even though I got an email notification that my client accepted.

Possible Scenarios:

  • Calendar transfers are not immediate. Please allow a couple of minutes for the transfer to take place. 
  • A scenario of email forwarding where Kronologic sequenced a different email address than the one the customer replied back from.

Recommended Workflow: Create a new invite for the agreed time and send it to your customer.

How often does Kronologic email my clients?

There’s no set timing, it is more based on schedules. Kronologic will follow up on the day of the proposed meeting. Ex: If the first email goes out on Monday and it's asking for a meeting day on Wednesday. Kronologic will follow up on Wednesday if the client has not responded to the original email.

When does Kronologic read my busy/free slots on my calendar?

Kronologic will look for free slots on your calendar every time it sends a message and a calendar invite.

How do I tell when Kronologic has placed a meeting on my calendar?

Kronologic will place all meetings with the following format. [Meeting Status]:(Contact Email)

How does Kronologic affect my email inbox?

No change! All emails come through normally, including all calendar notifications. Feel free to respond like you normally would if you are able to.

Why are there multiple back to back meetings on my calendar?

You most likely have your “Kronologic-System” (Hidden Calendar) view turned on. Uncheck the view like you normally would when looking at your colleagues calendars.

Can I forward Kronologic-sequenced meetings to my colleagues?

Yes, feel free to add or forward and of your colleagues to Kronologic meetings. For some users this is the intended workflow (business development rep books with client, once booked adds AE)

Can I delete any Kronologic-sequenced meetings?

Yes, anything that Kronologic transfers to your actual calendar is yours to manage.

What are we able to adjust on Kronologic sequenced meetings?

**Important to note: Settings are adjustable by Meeting Types, not the individual user.

Talk to your Kronologic Admin to adjust settings for a specific Meeting Type

  • Gap (Buffer): Kronologic will not propose back to back meetings. 
    • Available options are 0-45 minute “gaps.”
  • Meeting Duration: The duration of the proposed meeting. 
    • Available options are 0-60 minutes
  • Available Day Range: How far out you’d like Kronologic to propose meetings.
    • Range is 0-30 days.
    • Example: If you need a week’s worth of prep time for a meeting, Kronologic will also propose meetings 7 days out.