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Define your availability with Smart Scheduling

You tell Kronologic when you want meetings, and it looks at your calendar to see if you're open.
Meetings can be 15-60 minutes long with a buffer if you want a break in-between calls. The system also recognizes all day events set to "Busy". Get back from vacation, and have meetings with prospects waiting on the calendar.
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Inbound Stack Compatibility

See how Kronologic integrates into common stacks

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Lead routing for the entire team

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With just a few clicks, a single admin can automate lead segmentation for the whole org. 
Round-robin, random, or custom lead routing.
Custom is an extremely flexible option, allowing a user to define "if"-"then" logic routing on any lead field. 

Seamless Salesforce Integration

With native Salesforce integration, Kronologic offers two-way sync with your CRM. Importing new inbound leads instantly is as simple as setting up a filter logic. 
The system directly updates lead statuses, stages, or any other available lead field triggered on Kronologic meetings being accepted, declined, lead activation/deactivation, emails sent/received, or A.I. Requiring User Intervention. 
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Gmail & Office Integration

Our A.I.-enhanced scheduling engine works directly with a user's choice of email & calendar service. Google Calendar, Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, & Office 365 all work seamlessly with Kronologic to provide our users & their leads a natural and efficient scheduling experience. 

Manage an Entire Team's Messaging & Settings from a Admin Account 

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Calendar & email outreach messaging is consistent across reps. A single user's successful template can be shared team-wide.

100% Instant Follow Up, 24/7, 365

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Regardless if a rep is OOO or at home after hours, Kronologic replies to the qualified inbound lead as soon as it hits the CRM.
A custom calendar invite appears directly on the prospect's calendar moments after they took the action to become a lead.

All your prospect has to do is click "accept".

Automatic Time Zone Support

The recipient's timezone is detected automatically through the state or zip code found in the lead record. Asking Bill to meet 2PM your time automatically translates to 3PM his time, both in automated emails an A.I. managed invites. 
East coast to west coast your emails & invites will always on point.

Existing Accounts, Inbound Leads, New Users, Help Tickets, Candidates, Applicants, on the calendar in Seconds.

Slidedeck ready X to Y

Kronologic automates many other types of meetings in different areas of the business. Learn how we plug into our customers' systems to automate calendars for those in recruiting, help desk, support, training, sales, account management, business development, on-boarding, & customer success.