Meeting Math is a surprisingly simple & accurate way to forecast future revenue. The larger the data-set for a given meeting type the more accurate the Meeting Math. Revenue leaders user meeting math as a forecasting tool that sits on-top of the pipeline, Meeting Math is also used when calculating Kronologic's ROI. Meeting Math is calculated on a per meeting type basis. There are only three required variables for basic meeting math. 


Basic Meeting Math Formula

   Average Contract Value
x Pipeline Win Rate
x Meeting to Pipeline Conversion 

= Average Value Per Meeting


Average Contract Value: $10,000
Pipeline Win Rate: 20%
Meeting to Pipeline Conversion:  50% 


Do the Math

$10,000  x  0.2  x  0.5  = $1000 / meeting




Last Mile Problem


The calculating the size of the last mile is a way to understand what is lost for a given channel, here we assume 100% conversion from lead to meeting to determine a starting point of what is left behind.  Calculating the size of a given last mile is easy. 

Last Mile Formula

   Annual Qualified Leads 
x Meetings Booked

x Average Value Per Meeting

= Size of Last Mile Problem