Office 365 Integration


Kronologic depends on your mail service to provide users with automated outreach & scheduling capabilities. In the case of a cloud-based Exchange email server the integration with Kronologic is accomplished via Microsoft Graph Rest APIs.Kronologic uses v1.0+ of the Mail, & Calendar API, to provide seamless authentication and application experience in cloud based Office 365 deployments. 


“Microsoft Graph is the gateway to data and intelligence in Microsoft 365. It provides a unified programmability model that you can use to access the tremendous amount of data in Office 365” 

- Microsoft Graph Team



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Kronologic uses Microsoft Graph API to do 4 Things

  1. 1. Sending emails & calendar invites templitized by users or admin on the behalf of the user to recipients defined by the user or admin.
  3. 2. Checking the user’s calendar availability.
  5. 3. Looking for responses within threads started by Kronologic. Note: Kronologic is only aware of email chains it initiates
  7. 4. Sending A.I-generated email on the behalf of the user for the purpose of negotiating schedule conflicts between the user & the recipient if the response (see #3 above) is time-centric.


Graph API Used*



API Used


Used for creating or removing calendar events 





Reading and creating messages on the users behalf - note: Kronologic is only aware of email chains it initiates



Sending email messages on the users behalf



Parsing information about 

the user



Open-Id data on the user

on authentication


used in conjunction with opeid to obtain more detailed user info

on authentication


Retrieving offline access tokens to perform operations outlined

on authentication



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