Sales Leaders

Beat your revenue goals from the leads you already have without increasing headcounts or workloads.

Fill your pipeline and multiply revenue with the world’s first calendar monetization engine.

  • Kill Calendar Vacancy

    Kronologic works behind the scenes to fill white space in the calendar with valuable meetings.

  • Chase the ghosts

    Prospects who ghost your sellers via no-shows take their toll on rep confidence. Kronologic has their back with automated follow-up to get the prospect back into the calendar.

  • Mine for Gold

    Innovative sales leaders have hypothesis about valuable leads that should, but aren’t, converting to pipeline. Kronologic now provides the power to work new lead streams - new industries, PQL’s, Content downloads, ABM Leads, older stale leads, etc - without you having to fight for budget for additional headcount.


Kronologic immediately follows up with leads on your sales reps’ behalf and schedules meetings based on their availability. Our sales solution also helps boost your ROI by prioritizing your highest value meetings.

This way, SDRs can dedicate their time to targeted accounts and whale-hunting, AEs can focus on relationship-building, and you can measure success in real-time — not months later when deals close.

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