Webinar & Virtual Event Marketing

Looking to boost your event marketing ROI? Kronologic transforms your virtual event leads into sales meetings — without adding to your workload. Learn more now.

Don’t just bring home leads — deliver sales meetings.

You work hard to create captivating event content, design transformative experiences, and deliver a hefty list of sizzling-hot leads. And yet, you’re still not generating the ROI you want.


  • Sluggish tech stacks

    Data moves too slowly from your event management solution to your CRM, and leads lose interest.

  • Overwhelmed sales teams

    Busy business development reps and account executives don’t have time to chase down meetings with new leads.

  • Email roadblocks

    Often, traditional email campaigns take too long to set up and are too passive to convert leads into meetings.

But you invest a lot of time and effort into your events, and you deserve better results.

Kronologic instantly follows up with every lead and provides a calendar invite based on your BDRs’ and AEs’ real-time availability. Plus, our virtual event marketing solution schedules meetings based on your preferences, and can even prioritize top-dollar opportunities.

This way, you can maximize the number of sales meetings and revenue from your virtual events, without adding to your workload.