What is a Kronologic "Super-Admin"?

Mulit-Organizational Scale & Reporting are major areas of focus for Super-Admin, this the 3nd step for those focused on the the administration path. The Super is a level up from admin certified thorough Professional.  Those who receive an 80% or greater on the Admin Super exam are considered official Kronologic certified "Super Admin". Pro-Admin are empowered to deploy multi-organizational advanced architecture and channels, meeting types, instances, integrations, users, teams for multiple enterprise sized teams. Super-Admin will receive a certificate with a unique ID after successful competition of the exam.


And all skills associated with Admin Essentials.


Curriculum Unique to Admin Professional

  • Global User Management 
  • Cross Organizational Architecture 
  • Optimal Architectural Practices
  • Scale focused Architecture
  • Multi-Org Enterprise Reporting 



Internally Available Only






" Admin "


" Pro-Admin "


" Super Admin "


" Architect "

About the Administrative Path

Administrators are technical doers & thinkers focused on growing their careers though by delivering value with Kronologic technology. Administrators are those who configure or manage Kronologic technology day to day, or manage teams that are focused on Kronologic configuration. They are technical professionals who scope projects, manage deployments, generate report, expand user bases, design architecture, and configure the Kronologic platform.


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